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1. No vagueposting. 2. Realize that your situation isn't half as special as you think it is. 3. If you're posting more than three paragraphs about someone you've never been on a date with: I see online dating as just another avenue to meet people, not a perversion of the “normal” way like some people seem to think. GamerJM. Member. Nov 8, 9, Mar 9, # It's They are bad, and they're ruining dating for a lot of people. This includes people who can get a lot of dates. People on these things are no longer treated as humans, but rather as numbers Why ask an aggressively and predominately white board when it seems you looking for a black opinion?? I also felt super weird about posting this kind of thread here. like, at least come to AdFind Your Special Someone Online. Choose the Right Dating Site & Start Now!Top 10 Dating Sites, Dating Reviews, Feature Comparison, Learn, About Us, Privacy ... read more

Find someone you're ecstatic about and who feels the same way about you. Revealed content. Last edited: May 20, LookAtMeGo Member. Oct 25, 7, a parallel universe. I'm going to get laid tonight, bros. Flanker Member. Looking forward to more of LookAtMeGo's adventures. PKthndr Member. Oct 25, 1, LookAtMeGo said:.

Alwayscrazybacon Banned. Oct 25, 5, China. Ok, so now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? gaiages Member. Oct 25, Florida. I am HERE and I will YELL AT Y'ALL HECK YEAH.

Jintor Saw the truth behind the copied door Member. Oct 25, 28, Aww yis time to reveal how terrible i am at interacting with other humans. JakeG4 Member. God Damn, I never posted, but I sure always read and stay up to date with everyone stories and goings on in here.

Hopefully after realising how much I missed lurking this place, I'll contribute more. Notaskwid Banned. Oct 25, 5, Osaka. Looking forward to more stories. ReggieBC Attempted to circumvent ban with an alt-account Banned. Dating this awesome girl right now. Feeling good! Beren One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 3, That girl and I are still going strong.

Has our favorite mama bird made it over? SRG01 Member. Oct 25, 6, Started talking to this one girl non-stop for days, and then she just ghosted me. I'm not a stranger to being ghosted, but it's still kind of bleh. Also, I made a resolution to actually date more this year as a lot of people have remarked that I haven't seriously dated in three years! So here goes, I guess? This thread should be sufficient motivation for me :.

toadsworth Member. So i scheduled a date with a girl on tinder for this friday but some of her friends are going to be there too, bar hopping. Hopefully they don't make me feel like the odd one out with inside jokes and shit.

I'm lookin forward to it though! Lulu Saw the truth behind the copied door Member. Oct 25, 19, Pooh Member. Oct 25, 8, The Hundred Acre Wood.

Hoping for better luck with the ladies in the new era cheers DatingERA. Quantum Leap Banned. Oct 25, 5, California. Guys, it happened to me. I went on a first date to the beach at night and couldn't get it up Now I know what that other guy felt. Lucian Cat Member. I've missed you guys. Guts Of Thor Member. Creature Feature The Fallen. Oct 26, 8, Circa ish, I used to absolutely dominate online dating.

I went on a new date whenever I wanted ie: could afford. My keys to success back then were simple. I never asked for a picture. I wrote a personalized introduction for each girl I was interested in.

I asked questions outside of what was on our compatibility test. These were what was the last book you read, CD you bought, movie you watched at the theater, and concert you attended.

Instant engagement. Anyway, one of my favorite things about blind dates was having no idea what she was going to look like. Fat, skinny, black, white, hot, ugly, whatever. It was the connection on paper that was always my jumping off point. My requirements were that she have a job, college education, non smoker, and have her own car.

I let the rest of the chips fall where they may. I think a lot of people fall through the cracks in this environment. Btw, the site I used was called Sparkmatch. It was free back then, but later became OkCupid. Sakujou Banned. i would say, online dating in general simply sucks.

i never had any matches, ever. okcupid, tinder and whatsoever. for some days i even thought my phone is broken, because all my ugly, but white friends got matches. but well this is how it is, PoC means, you wont have luck. thetrin Member. Oct 26, 5, Atlanta, GA. Being an Indian guy, it's a total nightmare.

I fucking hate it. jakeh The Fallen. Oct 29, Missourah, USA. I'll say this as a white dude on OKC, if I see someone answer the question that they only want to date someone of their own race I pass on them. These people are fucked up. WrenchNinja Member. Oct 25, 16, Canada. It is really disheartening sometimes. Heart of Poumn Member. jakeh said:. Ary F. Oct 30, Can't say the same. I met my current boyfriend via online dating. Literally met him on my first try.

Tuck Banned. I know your pain OP. It hurts. So many times I'll see a profile and think "wow our interests match exactly, and he's good looking.

Kthulhu Member. Oct 25, 14, Last edited: Feb 20, Lost Banned. litebrite Banned. Oct 27, 21, If anything it saves you time rather than wasting it on somebody who was never going to give you theirs. StallionDan Banned. Oct 25, 7, Online dating sucks in general, even normal people turn super shallow. Living the Dream Banned. I ended up dating the cheerleading captain of the Tennessee Titans who I met in the real world.

Fuck online dating. semitry Member. StallionDan said:. Crocodilelogic Attempted to circumvent ban with an alt account Banned.

Oct 29, Lost said:. Daysean Member. Nov 15, 5, Based on that OKCupid chart, my first thought was "So how do I sign-up to be white". Feel ya pain brah. Daysean said:. Nah, not wanting to date someone outside of your race sounds fucked up tbh. And also thanks to our cultural conditioning, their men are NOT a sexual competitor at all, so these ones are GREAT wife material.

Me so horny, me love you LONG time! So they are good at fighting sometimes, but they are still skinny and graceful. Like ballet dancers! Not manly muscular men with their sexuality or romance ever emphasized. Also TINY PENISES. Click to expand Oct 27, 33, SeacatsAndCicadas said:.

As an Indian guy it truly is hell, but I don't think racism has anything to do with it. Like I really doubt many of the girls who claim to only like white guys on tinder or whatever would be swiping left on Zayn Malik or Toni Mahfud. The sad truth is that white men on average are just significantly better looking than men of any other race.

Just step into any college campus and this becomes instantly evident. A better more realistic solution would be to have a government subsidized plastic surgery program for ethnic males. Getting an average ethnic male to surgically ascend his looks rating by two points might allow him to compete on a level playing field with the average white male.

I know I'd be the first one to sign up. BuBu Jenkins said:. Had a discussion with my black friend and he came to the conclusion that white people being propped up so high for beauty standards is due to the much higher variety of potential features that minorities simply lack. white people can be natural blondes, redheads, brunettes, and black hair while having natural green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes and assortment of physical features that are attractive to all races.

rashbeep Member. Oct 27, 7, SuperiorTrashTalk Member. Nov 17, 12, Llyranor said:. It gives credibility to the statement of white superiority. Is the reasoning, I think.

collige Member. Oct 31, 10, Well this thread took a turn lol. Order Banned. Oct 27, 1, SuperiorTrashTalk said:.

My black friend says white people are more beautiful so, like, it's not a racist thing. Even minorities know they all look the same compared to white people. Order said:. This is racist as fuck. The Wiz One Winged Slayer The Fallen. Nov 14, 1, Please tell me you two are alts and we don't actually have 2 distinct posters saying this aggressively stupid nonsense.

Lulu Saw the truth behind the copied door Member. Oct 25, 19, Renna Hazel Member. Oct 27, 8, Oct 25, Is this a quote or edit: my mistake. after the "indian" dude I just don't know anymore.

Sparkedglory2 Member. Nov 3, 4, AnansiThePersona Started a revolution but the mic was unplugged Member. Oct 27, 15, Uhhhh, think the "As an Indian guy" is sarcasm but I dunno. Anyways, on topic, I hope having an African name that is mad unpopular will start becoming sexy after Black Panther, so Imma look forward to that.

Deleted member User requested account closure Banned. Oct 27, 3, The past few pages of this thread belongs on the misc section of the bodybuilding forums. Fuckin' ay. JCHandsom Avenger. collige said:. Etrian Oddity Member. Oct 26, 3, norm9 said:. DerpHause Member. Oct 27, 2, DerpHause said:. The last half of your first sentence and you second sentence contradict one another. Cross race bias is exactly the kind of thing that results in racial generalization regarding appearance and thus disregarding racial groups, but it's not founded in racism, or so scholarly papers seem to conclude.

Thus the insinuations that it is racist seem unfounded when based purely upon the fact that such a preference exist while knowing nothing else about the person. PancakeFlip Member. Oct 26, 6, It doesn't. It doesn't explain a disregard for specific other groups, ie "I'm white and don't find black people attractive". Not to mention most studies on it mostly pertain to identification, not really attraction so to speak.

No, it does actually. And you kind of point out why.

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Thread starter jwk94 Start date Feb 20, Discussion EtcetEra Forum. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. jwk94 Member. Oct 25, 12, So, I just signed up for Match. For those of you who don't know, Match asks you about your preferences in an SO. One of these preferences includes racial background. This wouldn't be so bad if I could filter out those people by either taking them out of the equation entirely or letting me see people who are only interested in black people, but nah that's not an option for some reason.

Hell, OKCupid at least had an option to filter out those kinds of people, although you had to pay to enable that. Then there are people who are interested in black dudes but only for the sex. Like, that's cool and all if that's your thing, but I'd rather not be your fetish if I'm actually looking for a partner. I said POC in the title, but I honestly don't know how it is for any other non-black people out there.

So, other POC how has your online dating experience been? hydrophilic attack Member. Oct 25, 18, Sweden. Commander Jameson Member. Oct 28, I had very similar experiences with OKCupid and other sites too. It was extremely disheartening. sibarraz Prophet of Regret - One Winged Slayer Avenger. Oct 27, 16, hydrophilic attack said:. Click to expand The Masked Mufti The Wise Ones The Fallen.

Oct 25, 3, Scotland. As a desi I know the feeling bruh. Deleted member User requested account closure Banned. Oct 25, 1, Now imagine being both not-white and short IRL I have great luck dating but I have literally never had a woman show interest in me through the internet.

Daisya Banned. I wonder if that data on the chart has changed much since then. baron doggystyle von woof Banned. Jan 2, 1, nando said:. Abu Member. Oct 25, 6, 😏. It ain't easy that's for sure, it's brutal out there lol, especially for poc. DosaDaRaja Member. Oct 26, Brown guy, live in Delhi, and have found that I get more matches outside India USA, UK, Thailand than in here, even though I wear a turban and am a visible religious minority, so dunno.

Ronin7th Member. jwk94 said:. Pall Mall Member. Oct 25, 2, entremet You wouldn't toast a NES cartridge Member. Oct 26, 47, Haven't had too many issues.

Don't let online dating be a crutch, though. Mix it up with other methods--Meetups, Speed dating, your own network. Online dating can develop a commodity mindset in people, where people are just a entree on a menu or something. Warbear User requested self-ban. Feb 2, It really does suck. Apparently, you need to be at the top end of the spectrum money, height and good looking before non-poc would even consider you. Carfo Banned. Oct 27, 1, Has to look up what POC was.

Never heard of that term before. Is that just a general term for non white or does it only refer to African Americans? atomsk eater Member. Oct 25, 3, I feel like I lucked out, as a black woman dating online is supposed to be particularly hard but I found a really great guy in a chat that wasn't even about hooking up. Pretty stupid match doesn't have a way to remove people who aren't interested in your race from searches.

Carfo said:. Certinfy Banned. Oct 29, 3, This is why I'll never really try online dating as an Asian, feels more disheartening than anything. Just go out and meet women in person in whatever way you can, seems like a far better plan. DosaDaRaja said:. Are you using Tinder? Their algorithm shows you to more people when you're abroad. ahoyhoy Member. Oct 25, 4, baron doggystyle von woof said:. Black men are picky af. Hobbesian Thudercat Banned. Nov 2, 3, I knew it would be this way, long before articles started popping up regarding the phenomenon, which is why I've stayed far away.

Not only does the very notion of online dating annoy me, but it can both wreck your confidence and give you a false impression of what your potential spectrum for partners are. As a black male, I've dated a lot of women outside my race - white women in particular - and in most cases, I'm usually the first black guy they've been with.

I've literally been with women that told me they'd never considered being with a black guy before. That's because, yeah, while they might hold bigoted views and preconceived notions about POC, and tell themselves they wouldn't date outside their race - most times, it just takes being approached by the right type of guy in the real world for them to open their minds up to it.

Online dating as a POC kinda sucks,About the Author

They are bad, and they're ruining dating for a lot of people. This includes people who can get a lot of dates. People on these things are no longer treated as humans, but rather as numbers [Gaming][SocJus] ResetEra already complaining that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features a white male protagonist. "Is Cal less interesting for not being a PoC or woman or some other type of minority"? Don’t worry - you’re not alone in your angst. It's not uncommon to feel like dating sites don't work for men. A full third of guys who try online dating sites and apps never go on a single date.. And that’s despite spending hours a week looking at Feb 20, # i would say, online dating in general simply sucks. i never had any matches, ever. okcupid, tinder and whatsoever. for some days i even thought my phone is He leaked that From would have a three game lineup at E3 (Deracine, Metal Wolf Chaos, and Sekiro), as well as info about Sekiro and GRRM's involvement. He was also verified twice by the ResetEra mods when asked to provide proof of insider status, as well as by the mods at r/Sekiro (IIRC). ResetEra bans users that post "leaks" without I think online dating sucks for men in general, and moreso if you're not white. And I really think online dating made it easier to BE racist, at least personally. When I dated people in college, ... read more

People do, though. HooAmEye said:. Open new ticket Watched. Still haven't found someone I can be more serious with, so still on the search. She'll ask me a question and I'll answer and ask the same and oops, gone. What do you have to offer?

Creature Feature The Fallen. Gaming Forum. Peak late stage capitalism to work away our population. Oct 26, 47, Online dating presents an effective solution to a serious problem. Tried every app known to man.